hash bus
north york moores
north york moores
Really Over The Top - Long Distance Hash Trail
Sept 16th - 18th 2011  
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Max 20 Runners
        2 Hares
        2 Catering
        2 Logistics
+ Reserves
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Q What is ROTT?.
Q Has this been done before
 Yes, we started in 1992 and followed every 2 years until thwarted by a fuel strike then foot and mouth. the fourth ROTT finally happened in 2009 and went back to the North York Moors. Previous ROTT trails have been on the North York Moors, Derbyshire and Shropshire.
Q Do I need to be Fit?
Q How is the trail laid?
Q How far is point A from Cambridge?
Q Can I get a lift?
Q How much does it cost?.
Q I am not sure if I paid a deposit, how can I check?
Q How do I register?
Q Where do I sleep?
Q How do I get fed?
Q Where is it
Q If the trip is full, can I get in if someone else backs out?
Q What do I need to bring?