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Q When will tickets be available to buy and what is the maximum number I can purchase?
Q How much will the tickets be?
Q What if I don`t have an email address or a printer?
Q What if after buying my ticket(s) I decide not to/can`t come for any reason? Can I get my money or any part of it refunded?
Q Will I need to bring my ticket with me on the night?
 Yes. Your ticket gives you entry and is checked on the door against a master list.
Q What time does the event start?
Q Food?
Q What`s the parking near St.Paul`s Church Centre like?
Q What about buses and trains?
Q Is there a dress code?
Q Will there be any items to buy on the night?
Q I was a member of a 60s Cambridge band and would like to play on the night. Who should I contact?
Q When I order my tickets it asks me to put in the names for each ticket. What if at this point I`m not sure whom to invite? What if at a later date I wish to change a name on a particular ticket?
Q Surely I can print off as many tickets as I want or even photocopy loads of tickets? What`s to stop me doing that?
Q I and my wife cannot stand on our feet for very long. Is there seating available?