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Q When will tickets be available to buy and what is the maximum number I can purchase?
Q How much will the tickets be?
Q What if I don`t have an email address or a printer?
Q What if after buying my ticket(s) I decide not to/can`t come for any reason? Can I get my money or any part of it refunded?
Q Will I need to bring my ticket with me on the night?
Q What time does the event start?
Q Food?
Q What`s the parking near St.Paul`s Church Centre like?
Q What about buses and trains?
 There are bus stops on both sides of the road close to St.Paul`s -citi3. The railway station is no more than a ten minute walk. If you have walking issues, then you can get on citi3 (going towards the city centre) at the railway station. And, of course, there are taxis at the station. If you come into Cambridge, Drummer Street from other areas by bus, then again citi3 (going towards the railway station). Ask the driver to tell you the stop.
Q Is there a dress code?
Q Will there be any items to buy on the night?
Q I was a member of a 60s Cambridge band and would like to play on the night. Who should I contact?
Q When I order my tickets it asks me to put in the names for each ticket. What if at this point I`m not sure whom to invite? What if at a later date I wish to change a name on a particular ticket?
Q Surely I can print off as many tickets as I want or even photocopy loads of tickets? What`s to stop me doing that?
Q I and my wife cannot stand on our feet for very long. Is there seating available?