Event Management System
(Not just a web booking site but a complete system Integrated with your own web site)
free to hashers
You can have any or all of the functions below  or even add your own
Frequently Asked Question

Try the Dummy Event?
Want to try the Dummy Event?
For more information
Contact Ted (Toed Bedsores) Bradshawe

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For Attendees
        A Link from your web site takes your attendees to
       a menu page or direct to one of the following  :-


For the Organisers
    You have access to the Administrators menu along
    with Hash Cash and your Rego Manager getting :-
For the Committee - working with lists
    The Committee has access to the data, which they
     download into Desktop Software, giving them :-
See the organisational chart
What will it look Like ?
        Logos and Colours all derive from your own
        web pages.
        You decide what data you collect

Why would you want to use this?
        Toed and over 16 other organisers have put
         many man hours into the development of this
         site, and you get it all for free!